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India Pesticides IPO GMP, Grey Market Premium & Kostak Rates Today

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Check out India Pesticides IPO GMP aka IPO Grey Market Premium, Kostak rates, and Subject to Sauda rates as of today. The IPO GMP started in green with some good numbers. The GMP stable around 50-60 level.

India Pesticides IPO to hit the market on 23 June 2021 and closes on 25 June 2021. The company to raise ₹800 crore via initial public offer. They are one of the leading agrochemicals manufacturers in India. They are exporting their technicals in Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe while they also have good domestic presence. They have their own 2 manufacturing plants in India. The price band of the IPO is ₹290 to ₹296. The India Pesticides IPO to list on NSE and BSE.

India Pesticides

    What is India Pesticides IPO GMP Today?

    • The India Pesticides IPO GMP aka grey market premium is ₹65.

    What is India Pesticides IPO Kostak Rates Today?

    • The India Pesticides IPO kostak rate is ₹0.

    What is India Pesticides IPO Subject to Sauda Price Today?

    • The India Pesticides IPO subject to sauda rates is ₹0.

    India Pesticides IPO Expected Returns?

    • The India Pesticides expected return is 20%.

    India Pesticides IPO GMP Rates day by day with Kotak rates.

    KostakSubject to
    05 July₹65₹0₹0
    04 July₹60₹0₹0
    03 July₹60₹0₹0
    02 July₹60₹0₹0
    01 July₹60₹0₹0
    30 June₹50₹0₹0
    29 June₹50₹250₹1500
    28 June₹50₹250₹1500
    27 June₹50₹250₹1500
    26 June₹60₹250₹2000
    25 June₹50₹250₹2000
    24 June₹50₹250₹2500
    23 June₹60₹250₹2500
    22 June₹90₹400₹4500
    21 June₹100₹400₹4500
    20 June₹90₹400₹4500
    19 June₹90₹400₹4500
    18 June₹0₹0₹0
    17 June₹0₹0₹0
    16 June₹0₹0₹0
    15 June₹0₹0₹0
    14 June₹0₹0₹0

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    About India Pesticides

    India Pesticides Limited is one of the globally operating agro-chemical manufactures in India, pioneered the manufacturing since 1984. We were among the fastest growing agro-chemical companies in India in terms of volume in Fiscal 2020. We are also the sole Indian manufacturer and among top five manufacturers globally for several Technicals, such as, Folpet, Thiocarbamate Herbicide etc.

    Since commencing our operations in 1984, we have diversified into manufacturing herbicide and fungicide Technicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients (“APIs”). Our ranges of quality products and value-added services make us to be a strategic supplier. We have a strategic focus on R&D and our R&D capabilities include two well-equipped in-house laboratories registered with the DSIR. Our efforts are led by a dedicated R&D team that comprises PhDs, Masters Graduates in Chemistry and Biotechnological Engineers.

    India Pesticides IPO Date & Price Band

     IPO Open: 23 June 2021
     IPO Close: 25 June 2021
     IPO Size: Approx ₹800 Crores
     Fresh Issue: Approx ₹100 Crores
     Offer for Sale: Approx ₹700 Crores
     Face Value: ₹1 Per Equity Share
     Price Band: ₹290 to ₹296 Per Share
     Listing on: BSE & NSE
     Retail Portion: 35%
     Equity:  Shares

    India Pesticides IPO Market Lot

     Minimum Lot Size: Minimum 50 Shares
     Minimum Amount: ₹14,800
     Maximum Lot Size: Maximum 650 Shares
     Maximum Amount: ₹192,400

    India Pesticides IPO Allotment & Listing

     Basis of Allotment: 30 June 2021
     Refunds: 01 July 2021
     Credit to Demat Account: 02 July 2021
     Listing Date: 05 July 2021

    India Pesticides IPO GMP aka Grey Market Premium FAQs:

    What is India Pesticides IPO GMP Today?

    India Pesticides IPO GMP is ₹65 as on today.

    What How much is India Pesticides IPO Kostak Rate Today?

    India Pesticides IPO Kostak Rate is ₹0 as on today.

    What is India Pesticides IPO Subject to Sauda Today?

    India Pesticides IPO Subject to Sauda is ₹0 as on today.

    What is India Pesticides IPO Expected Returns?

    India Pesticides IPO Expected Returns is 20% .


    •  IPO Grey Market Premium (India Pesticides IPO GMP) mention is valid for the specific date as mentioned in the header.
    •  We are not buying and selling IPO forms on IPO Grey Market.
    •  Kostak Rate is the premium one gets by selling his/her IPO application (in an off-market transaction) to someone else even before allotment or listing of the issue.
    • Do not subscribe for IPO by just seeing premium Price as it may change anytime before listing. Subscribe only considering Fundamental of the companies.
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