NCD 2024, Active & Upcoming NCD Issue with Date & Size

What is the meaning of NCD? The NCD means Non-Convertible Debenture issued by a company to raise money from the capital market. The majority NBFCs are coming up with NCDs and they list them on NSE & BSE.

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Active & Upcoming NCD Issue 2024

360 ONE PrimeMay 24, 2024June 6, 2024₹100 Cr
Indiabulls Housing Fin. TrancheMay 13, 2024May 27 2024₹100 Cr.
Muthoot MercantileMay 6, 2024May 17, 2024₹50 Cr.
Motilal Oswal Financial ServicesApril 23, 2024May 7, 2024₹500 Cr.
Muthoot FincorpApril 10, 2024April 25, 2024₹100 Cr.
Kosamattam FinanceApril 8, 2024April 23, 2024₹125 Cr.
Edelweiss Financial ServicesApril 8, 2024April 23, 2024₹100 Cr.
ICL FincorpApril 5, 2024April 23, 2024₹75 Cr.
Indiabulls Housing FinanceMar 5, 2024Mar 5, 2024₹100 Cr.
Navi Finserv LimitedFeb 26, 2024Mar 7, 2024₹300 Cr.
Chemmanur Credits and InvestmentsFeb 20, 2024Mar 4, 2024₹50 Cr.
Nido Home Finance LimitedFeb 13, 2024Feb 26, 2024₹50 Cr.
UGRO Capital LimitedFeb 8, 2024Feb 21, 2024₹100 Cr.
Sakthi Finance LimitedFeb 8, 2024Feb 21, 2024₹100 Cr.
Indel Money LimitedJan 30, 2024Feb 12, 2024₹100 Cr.
Cholamandalam Investment and FinanceJan 19, 2024Jan 25, 2024₹500 Cr.
Muthoot Fincorp LimitedJan 12, 2024Jan 25, 2024₹75 Cr.
Edelweiss Financial Services LimitedJan 9, 2024Jan 22, 2024₹125 Cr.
360 ONE Prime LimitedJan 11, 2024Jan 15, 2024₹1000 Cr.
Muthoot Finance LimitedJan 8, 2024Jan 19, 2024₹100 Cr.
Kosamattam Finance LimitedJan 1, 2024Jan 12, 2024₹100 Cr.

How to Invest in NCD & Get the Return?

As the IPOs one can invest in NCDs by ASBA or UPI. Apply NCD when it open in the market and apply via your ASBA or UPI as we apply IPOs. When an investor buys NCD or a Bond they generally lend money to the company and in return company gives a return as per the maturity amount on the maturity date at a stated rate of interest. These corporate bonds are debt securities. These NCDs are considered as long-term investment options.

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  1. How to buy NCD in secondary market?. It says NCD is tradable like shares. Can it be bought and sold like shares?

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