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IPO Allotment Status - Here are the simple steps how to check the IPO Allotment Status online or offline. As per the latest SEBI rules for the large-cap IPOs, the IPO allotment process will be done on the next day of IPO closing. The registrars like Linkintime or KFintech should release the IPO allotment as per the SEBI rules within 24 hours after the IPO close.
IPO Allotment Status

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Check IPO Allotment Status 2024

Check the latest IPO Allotment Status on the registrar’s website. The subscription of these IPOs is closed and the IPO allotment might be around the corner. Stay tuned for the latest IPO allotment updates.

IPO NameIPO Allotment DateIPO Allotment Status Link
Rulka ElectricalsIPO Allotment OutBigshare Allotment Link
Hariom Atta & SpicesIPO Allotment OutKfinTech IPO Allotment Link
Awfis Space28 May 2024Bigshare Allotment Link
GSM Foils29 May 2024Bigshare Allotment Link
Vilas Transcore30 May 2024Bigshare Allotment Link
Beacon Trusteeship31 May 2024KfinTech IPO Allotment Link
Ztech India3 June 2024Maashitla IPO Allotment Link
Aimtron Electronics4 June 2024Linkintime IPO Allotment Link
TBI CornTBAKfinTech IPO Allotment Link
Resourceful AutomobileTBACameo Allotment Link
Paramount ForgeTBAPurva Share Allotment Link
Nephro CareTBABigshare Allotment Link
Allied Blenders and DistillersTBALinkintime Allotment Link
SPC Life SciencesTBALinkintime Allotment Link
Balaji Speciality ChemicalsTBALinkintime Allotment Link
EbixCashTBALinkintime Allotment Link
Sanathan TextilesTBAKfinTech IPO Allotment Link
Premier EnergiesTBAKfinTech IPO Allotment Link

How to Check IPO Allotment Status?

One can check the IPO Allotment Status via the IPO registrar (Link Intime or KFintech). To check the IPO allotment one should require the below details. If the shares are allotted the investor will get the details under the search button on the registrar website or BSE website.

  1. PAN Card (IPO Allotment Status Check Online by PAN Number)
  2. IPO Application Number
  3. Demat Account Number / DP Client ID

The IPO allotment is been processed by the IPO registrar based on allotment. The IPO allotment status should be available after the registrar finalizes the allotment and it will be visible under the IPO Name that was applied by the investors. The investors are getting information via Email and SMS shared by BSE, NSE, CDSL, and NSDL. The IPO listing date is also available on our new IPO listing page.

Top IPO Registrars in India

As per the market scenario, we added top IPO registrars in India. Link Intime and KFin Technologies provide services to mainline IPOs while all the listed registrars provide services to SME IPOs. They are the ones who do the calculations based on the IPO subscription data and upload the IPO allotment status on their website. The investors go to the website on the Allotment date and check whether they got the allotment of the shares. Bigshare Services provided services to 300+ IPOs and joined with Link Intime on the 2nd spot while KFin Technologies provides services to 225+ IPOs to date and the numbers increase day today.

IPO Registrar LinkIPO Allotment Link
Link Intime India Pvt LtdIPO Allotment Link
KFin Technologies Private LtdIPO Allotment Link
Bigshare Services Pvt LtdIPO Allotment Link
Cameo Corporate Services LtdIPO Allotment Link
Skyline Financial Services Pvt LtdIPO Allotment Link

IPO Allotment Status Unveiled

IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) have always been a hot topic in the world of finance. Investors eagerly await the opportunity to invest in promising companies that are about to go public. Once you’ve applied for shares in an IPO, the next question that invariably arises is, “Have I been allotted the shares?” In this article, we’ll unravel the mystery of IPO allotment status and guide you through the entire process.

Understanding IPO Allotment

Before diving into the intricacies of IPO allotment status, let’s establish a fundamental understanding of the term. IPO allotment refers to the process by which shares are allocated to investors who have applied for them during an IPO. The objective is to distribute shares fairly among all applicants.

Checking Your IPO Allotment Status

You’ve applied for an IPO, and now you’re eager to know if you’ve been allocated shares. Here’s how you can check your IPO allotment status:

  1. Visit the Official Website: The first step is to visit the official website of the company whose IPO you’ve applied for. Look for the ‘IPO Allotment Status’ section.
  2. Enter Details: You’ll need to enter certain details like your PAN (Permanent Account Number) and Application Number. Make sure you enter these accurately.
  3. Submit Your Request: After entering the required information, submit your request. The website will then display your IPO allotment status.
  4. Registrar’s Website: In some cases, you may need to check the registrar’s website, which is responsible for IPO allotment. You can find a link to this on the official website.

Factors Affecting Allotment

IPO allotment is not a random process; it depends on several factors:

  1. Oversubscription
    If an IPO is oversubscribed, meaning the number of shares applied for exceeds the available shares, allotment becomes proportional. The more you apply for, the higher your chances of getting allotted.
  2. Allotment Method
    Companies use various methods for allotment, such as a lottery system or a first-come, first-served basis. The method is usually disclosed in the IPO prospectus.
  3. Retail vs. Institutional Investors
    Allotment may also differ for retail and institutional investors. Retail investors typically get a smaller allocation compared to institutional investors.

Tips for IPO Allotment Success

Now that you’re familiar with the IPO allotment process, here are some tips to increase your chances of IPO Allotment:

  1. Diversify Your Applications: Apply for multiple IPOs to diversify your chances.
  2. Follow the Timelines: Ensure you apply within the stipulated time frame to avoid missing out.
  3. Understand the Company: Research the company thoroughly before applying.
  4. Keep Documentation Handy: Maintain records of your application details for easy reference.


IPO allotment status is a crucial step in your investment journey. By following the steps mentioned above and keeping these tips in mind, you can navigate this process with confidence. Remember, securing an allotment in a coveted IPO is not just about luck; it’s about making informed decisions and being proactive. So, stay informed and keep investing!

IPO Allotment Status FAQs:

How to Check IPO Allotment Status Online?

Just log on to BSE Website or IPO Registrar Website and Enter your PAN or Application Number or Demat Account Numbers to Check the IPO Allotment Status.

How to Check IPO Allotment Status Offline?

Please contact your Demat Account broker to find out you got the IPO Allotment or not.

How to Check IPO Allotment Status via Bank?

Log in to your Bank Account from where you applied for an IPO. If the amount is deducted you got the allotment and if the lien balance is released, better luck next time!

What are the other ways to check the IPO Allotment Status?

The IPO registrar sends the emails to the registered email IDs of investors about the IPO Allotment Status. Check your inbox for the same.
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  1. Tata technology ipo applied 390 share but we have not getting allotment how ratio basis allotment tell me

  2. Tata technology ipo applied 390 share but we have not getting allotment how ratio basis allotment tell me

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