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Rights Issue 2022 – Upcoming Rights Issue in India with Date & Price

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The listed companies send invitations to their existing shareholders to buy the additional shares at a discounted price. It’s not as we know the IPO process but it’s available only for the existing shareholders to participate in the rights issue in the given time period. Here is the list of upcoming and active rights issue companies list given below:

Upcoming Rights Issue 2022

Here is the list of recent Rights Issue 2022 offers. Stay tuned for the latest Rights Issue 2022 offers and stay invested in the primary market.

Gautam Gems₹1112 Sep 202230 Sep 202244.30 Cr.
7NR Retail₹1.42022202216.34 Cr.
Ellora Trading₹182022202212.96 Cr.
Anjani Portland Cement₹[.]20222022250 Cr.
Naysaa Securities₹[.]20222022[.] Cr.
Coastal Corporation₹22512 Sep 202227 Sep 202243.42 Cr.
Tembo Global Industries₹10022 Aug 20225 Sep 202236.17 Cr.
Add-Shop E-Retail₹5417 Aug 202230 Aug 202248.90 Cr.
GG Engineering₹1.8022 Aug 20228 Sep 202249.96 Cr.
Sandur Manganese₹108 Aug 202229 Aug 202218 Cr.
Mercury Metals₹316 Aug 202230 Aug 202247.97 Cr.
KCL Infra Projects₹1022 Aug 20225 Sep 202247.40 Cr.
PTC Industries₹102 Aug 202212 Aug 20227.86 Cr.
Maharashtra Corporation₹1019 Jul 202202 Aug 202249.62 Cr.
Banas Finance₹105 Jul 202219 Jul 202249.25 Cr.
Kallam Textiles₹1023 Jun 202207 Jul 20229.99 Cr.
Saboo Sodium Chloro₹1027 Jun 202226 Jul 202217.90 Cr.
Satyam Silk Mills₹1016 Jun 202201 Jul 20223.68 Cr.
Davangere Sugar₹12.516 Jun 202230 Jun 202248.00 Cr.
Dynemic Products₹45025 May 202208 Jun 202225.49 Cr.
Integra Essentia₹1.8016 May 202210 Jun 202249.80 Cr.
N.C.L. Research₹1.0016 May 202227 May 202248.86 Cr.
TCM Limited₹2512 May 202226 May 202210.20 Cr.
PNB Housing Finance₹-2500 Cr.
Aurum Proptech₹8026 Apr 202210 May 2022343.56 Cr.
Dhanlaxmi Bank₹-– Cr.
Nakoda Group₹12018 Apr 202202 May 202233.40 Cr.
Advik Capital₹-– Cr.
Bhagiradha Chemicals₹40010 Apr 202204 May 202283.84 Cr.
Asian Granito₹6321 Apr 202210 May 2022441 Cr.
HCP Plastene Bulkpack₹60030 Mar 202212 Apr 202226.46 Cr.
SPV Global Trading₹1030 Mar 202213 Apr 20221.72 Cr.
ASM Technologies₹11528 Mar 202211 Apr 202211.50 Cr.
Rainbow Foundations₹1125 Mar 202216 Apr 202248.52 Cr.
Advik Capital₹2.8521 Mar 202207 Apr 202249.68 Cr.
Wockhardt Ltd₹22515 Mar 202222 Mar 2022748 Cr.
Prismx Global₹414 Mar 202228 Mar 202248.83 Cr.
Tilak Ventures₹528 Feb 202215 Mar 202248.18 Cr.
Wardwizard Innovations₹8207 Feb 202221 Feb 202248.89 Cr.
Joonktollee Tea & Industries₹6002 Feb 202216 Feb 202224.85 Cr.
Vidli Restaurants₹1004 Feb 202218 Feb 20226.5 Cr.
Choice International₹5101 Feb 202215 Feb 202250.75 Cr.
Veer Global Infraconstruction₹6031 Jan 202214 Feb 20224.87 Cr.
Som Distilleries and Breweries₹3517 Jan 202231 Jan 202217.50 Cr.

Past Rights Issue 2021

Here is the list of past Right Issues 2021 offers.

Shivam Autotech₹1831 Dec 202128 Jan 2231.16 Cr.
Beardsell Limited₹1031 Dec 202114 Jan 229.37 Cr.
Radhe Developers₹-755.4 Cr.
Vishvprabha Ventures₹3029 Dec 202127 Jan 224.41 Cr.
Ridhi Synthetics₹1020 Dec 202103 Jan 221.96 Cr.
Vikas Ecotech Limited₹130 Nov 202120 Dec 202131.16 Cr.
Natural Capsules₹10030 Nov 202120 Dec 202131.16 Cr.
HKG Limited₹825 Nov 202110 Dec 202114.00 Cr.
Swiss Military Consumer Goods₹224 Nov 202108 Dec 20219.83 Cr.
The Indian Hotels₹15024 Nov 202108 Dec 20211982 Cr.
Bharat Gears₹10522 Nov 202106 Dec 20219.77 Cr.

Why do Companies come up with Rights Issues?

The companies come up with a rights issue to give a benefit to their existing shareholders. It helps the shareholders to get extra shares by participating in the rights issue process. The company offers a good discount so that the shareholders participate in the rights issue and it will be calculated as per the rights issue ratio finalized by the company in the offer.

An Example of Rights Issue Offer:

Let’s say the Reliance Industires comes up with the right issue at a price of ₹2000 against the current share price of ₹2400 it means the shareholders can acquire the shares at ₹400 discounted price. The company final ratio around 1:3 means the company will offer 1 equity share against 3 equity share held by the shareholders. So before participating in the rights issue offer please read the details carefully. It is easy to understand, isn’t it.

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