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Navigating The Evolving Indian Stock Market

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The previous year and a half have witnessed an accelerated pace of intelligent digitization with reference to the stock market. A handful of players have contributed significantly to this rapid pace of evolution. Of these, Angel One – previously called Angel Broking – stands out. Recognized by investors and traders alike as trustworthy trading applications in the country, Angel One has helped and continues to help them navigate the sometimes-tricky Indian stock market waters. This is owed entirely to their commitment towards their customers whose voices they echo via their products and services.

Angel One

Angel One’s beginnings stem from the period prior to the National Stock Exchange being founded i.e., 1994. Over the past two decades, the Indian stock market has witnessed highs and lows along with crises of varying degrees. At each stage, Angel One has been able to help its customers understand market movements with easy to understand & engaging content.

Angel One was able to grasp the fact that several investors were reliant on stock market trading on a full-time basis and so, began to offer its clients digital trading. With a highly advanced trading platform that allowed for trades to be monitored with precision, Angel One soon mirrored this on their smartphone and tabular application. Its ARQ offering was most useful during the 2016 midcap crisis. ARQ allows clients to select such stocks, so that profits are still possible during difficult periods.

To add to their contributions, Angel One has also played a major role in catering to the investment and trading needs of a wide variety of customers that range from experts to one-time investors. Furthermore, varied regional languages further diversify the Indian investing demographic who seek investing inputs in languages other than English. The age of an investor also impacts their investing decisions with young players not necessarily aware of the risks and potentials of the stock markets. Angel One has recognized each of these elements from the get-go and has continued to have a major presence in tier-3 and tier-4 locations in the country.

Tackling the stock markets also requires investors and traders to have some exposure to information that debunks common myths and provides a good foundation. Angel Academy helped provide this knowledge by creating new content in the form of blogs, videos and podcasts that have been disseminated in over 10 languages. With an aim to continue in the same vein, Angel One’s content caters to the varied Indian investor demographic.

The company has effectively democratized trading by creating a vast corpus of knowledge for customers available in a multitude of languages. Difficult concepts have been broken down into easy to understand terms via the Smart Money application that helps investors and traders understand the stock market regardless of how proficient or not they might be in the market.

Angel One was also very much a part of the rule based trading revolution and provided savvy solutions to its customers. SmartAPI allows the masses to enjoy the virtues of algorithmic trading such that they can each create their own trading platforms. Plug-n-play functionalities allow for this to operate with ease.

As the stock market has evolved over the past two decades, so too have its investors who now seek out digital brokers. Angel One has shown that it is able to adapt to these changing circumstances with its application being recognized as one of the top finance and trading applications for the past year. Its transition to Angel One, from Angel Broking, is representative of its journey thus far and the full-service offerings it provides its clients with.

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