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IPOs in 2022 & “Best IPO Year” 2021, IPO Breaks All Records

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Its been a successful year for the primary market as 65 companies hit the market and raised over 1 Lakh Crores from the market. The fundraising will not stop here but we will see more companies coming up with IPOs in 2022. 2021 become the “BEST IPO YEAR” but many more companies are seeking to launch the initial public offerings in the coming year. The most awaited LIC IPO is all set to launch in 2022 as per the market speculations. With LIC we are going to see more companies hitting the market.

There are some new rules from SEBI that might hit the IPO subscription but still, we have many scopes where the big list of companies already got the SEBI’s go-ahead for their initial public offerings. As per the IPOWatch analyst team is seeing one of the biggest IPOs of all-time might hit the market in 2022 along with new tech companies and the fundraising might go higher than 2021.

Below list of companies that are in the line-up for an IPO.

As per the market speculations, more than 30 companies already got SEBI’s go-ahead for an IPO while Rs.60000 crores of IPOs are in the pipeline in 2022.

We wish to have another great year for the IPO investors as 2021 gave some blockbuster IPOs like Sigachi Industries, Nykaa, Data Patterns, MaymyIndia, Tega Industries, Medplus, Go Fashion, LatentView Analytics, Paras Defense, Ami Organics, Devyani International, Rolex Rings, GR Infra, Zomato, Tatva Chintan Pharma, Clean Science, Nazara Technologies, MTAR Technologies and more. Check the IPO Performance Tracker to get an Idea of which stock gave the highest returns on listing day.

On 31st December, we have witnessed Highest Single Day Listing Gain in an SME IPO named Vivo Collaboration.

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