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 In order to successfully navigate the stock markets, it is important for investors and traders alike to be able to successfully conduct stock market analysis. This isn’t to overwhelm you as beginners too can traverse the stock market arena with relative ease provided they proceed with caution. That being said, this stock market analysis requires you to keep constant tabs on the market. Furthermore having an understanding of the industry within which stocks you invest in operate is key. If you are well acquainted with the company itself that adds to your knowledge base and allows you to make calculated investment decisions.

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All of this information is important as it impacts the value of a stock and indicates whether it is likely to perform well or not. Different activities and news taking place domestically and across the globe impact different stock that operate within a wide range of industries differently. While some news might positively impact the value of a stock, it may adversely impact the value of other stock. Owing to this very fact, navigating the markets can be tricky.

Furthermore, if a company operates within sector X, it isn’t just sector X that you need to keep tabs on but also the raw materials that allow sector X to operate. Take for instance stock ABC belonging to the car industry is dependent on raw materials which belong to steel, rubber, plastics and aluminium among others. In the event that any of these experiences a shortfall or is adversely impacted, stock ABC’s company is in turn affected. Their production levels could decline which could lead to the value of their stock to be impacted.

A real-world example pertains to the vinyl records industry which today is experiencing a major shortfall in its raw material i.e., PVC. The global shortage of PVC has meant that this industry along with several others are witnessing hikes in the price of their products which could in turn impact stock prices.

Now, the value of this example lies in drawing your attention to the fact that there is often a chain of events that impacts the price of stocks that the average investor might not be aware of or think to associate with the stocks they hold.  

This is where Angel One’s ARQ Prime comes in handy. Serving as a rule-oriented investment engine, it provides users with recommendations for stocks to invest in keeping in mind a set of rules. These selections are made without human intervention or human bias. This means that they employ “Smart Beta”. The value of this lies in the fact that human emotions don’t come into play allowing for stocks to be chosen entirely based on their intrinsic value and worth.

ARQ Prime employs rules that have proven themselves over time when recommending stocks to each of its users. It scans the market which is home to a wide range of stocks prior to suggesting stocks that may be value stocks, growth stocks, quality stocks and/or high momentum stocks.

You should consider subscribing to ARQ prime as it employs a rule-based strategy geared towards securing returns that maximize your initial investment. Recommendations minimize risks by mitigating losses at an early stage. You can check your returns from your date of subscription and can try the service out for free without being worried of an auto-renewal kicking in. With live updates, you can be assured of not missing a buy or sell period.

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