Listed IPO in India – Historical IPO Table and IPO Archive

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Here is the list of IPOs that listed. Please check the names with date, size and their price bands.

Listed IPOs in 2023-2024

IPO NameDatesSizePrice
Bharti Hexacom3-5 April, 2024₹4,275 Cr.₹542 to ₹570
SRM Contractors26-28 March, 2024₹130.20₹200 to ₹210
Krystal Integrated14-18 March, 2024₹300 Cr.₹680 to ₹715
Popular Vehicles12-14 March, 2024₹601 Cr.₹280 to ₹295
Gopal Snacks6-11 March, 2024₹650 Cr.₹381 to ₹401
JG Chemicals5-7 March, 2024₹251 Cr.₹220 to ₹221
R K SWAMY4-6 March, 2024₹424 Cr.₹270 to ₹288
Mukka Proteins29-4 March, 2024₹224 Cr.₹26 to ₹28
Bharat Highways InvIT28-1 March, 2024₹2500 Cr.₹98 to ₹100
Exicom Tele-Systems27-29 February, 2024₹429 Cr.₹135 to ₹142
Platinum Industries27-29 February, 2024₹235 Cr.₹150 to ₹157
GPT Healthcare22-26 February, 2024₹525 Cr.₹177 to ₹186
Juniper Hotels21-23 February, 2024₹1800 Cr.₹342 to ₹360
Vibhor Steel Tubes13-15 February, 2024₹72.17 Cr.₹141 to ₹151
Entero Healthcare Solutions9-13 February, 2024₹1600 Cr.₹1195 to ₹1258
Rashi Peripherals7-9 February, 2024₹600 Cr.₹295 to ₹311
Capital Small Finance Bank7-9 February, 2024₹523 Cr.₹445 to ₹468
Jana Small Finance Bank7-9 February, 2024₹570 Cr.₹393 to ₹414
Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels5-7 February, 2024₹920 Cr.₹147 to ₹155
BLS-E Services30-1 February, 2024₹311 Cr.₹129 to ₹135
Nova Agri Tech23-25 January, 2024₹144 Cr.₹39 to ₹41
EPACK Durable19-24 January, 2024₹640 Cr.₹218 to ₹230
Medi Assist Healthcare15-17 January, 2024₹1,172 Cr.₹397 to ₹418
Jyoti CNC Automation9-11 January, 2024₹1,000 Cr.₹315 to ₹331
Innova Captab21-26 Dec₹570 Cr.₹426 to ₹448
Azad Engineering20-22 Dec₹740 Cr.₹499 to ₹524
Credo Brands (Mufti Jeans)19-21 Dec₹550 Cr.₹95 to ₹100
Happy Forgings19-21 Dec₹1009 Cr.₹808 to ₹850
RBZ Jewellers19-21 Dec₹100 Cr.₹266 to ₹280
Motisons Jewellers18-20 Dec₹151 Cr.₹52 to ₹55
Suraj Estate Developers18-20 Dec₹400 Cr.₹340 to ₹360
Muthoot Microfin18-20 Dec₹960 Cr.₹277 to ₹291
Inox India14-18 Dec₹1459 Cr.₹627 to ₹660
DOMS IPO13-15 Dec₹1200 Cr.₹750 to ₹790
India Shelter Finance13-15 Dec₹1350 Cr.₹469 to ₹493
Flair Writing22-24 Nov₹593 Cr.₹288 to ₹304
Gandhar Oil22-24 Nov₹501 Cr.₹160 to ₹169
Fedbank Financial Services22-24 Nov₹1092 Cr.₹133 to ₹140
Tata Technologies22-24 Nov₹3043 Cr.₹475 to ₹500
IREDA21-23 Nov₹2150 Cr.₹30 to ₹32
ASK Automotive7-9 Nov₹834 Cr.₹268 to ₹282
Protean eGov Technologies6-8 Nov₹493 Cr.₹752 to ₹792
ESAF Small Finance Bank3-7 Nov₹463 Cr.₹57 to ₹60
Mamaearth31-2 Nov₹1701 Cr.₹308 to ₹324
Cello World30-1 Nov₹1900 Cr.₹617 to ₹648
Blue Jet Healthcare25-27 Oct₹840 Cr.₹329 to ₹346
IRM Energy18-20 Oct₹545 Cr.₹480 to ₹505
Plaza Wires29-5 Oct₹71.28 Cr.₹51 to ₹54
Valiant Laboratories27-3 Oct₹152 Cr.₹133 to ₹140
Updater Services25-27 Sep₹640 Cr.₹280 to ₹300
Manoj Vaibhav Gems22-26 Sep₹270 Cr.₹204 to ₹215
JSW Infrastructure25-27 Sep₹2800 Cr.₹113 to ₹119
Yatra Online15-20 Sep₹776 Cr.₹135 to ₹142
Sai Silks Kalamandir20-22 Sep₹1201 Cr.₹210 to ₹222
Signature Global20-22 Sep₹730 Cr.₹366 to ₹385
Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services14-18 Sep₹563 Cr.₹156 to ₹164
Samhi Hotels14-18 Sep₹1370 Cr.₹119 to ₹126
EMS IPO8-12 Sep₹321 Cr.₹200 to ₹211
RR Kabel13-15 Sep₹1964 Cr.₹983 to ₹1035
Jupiter Life Line Hospitals6-8 Sep₹869 Cr.₹695 to ₹735
Rishabh Instruments30-1 Sep₹491 Cr.₹419 to ₹441
Ratnaveer Precision Engineering4-6 Sep₹165 Cr.₹93 to ₹98
Vishnu Prakash R Punglia24-28 Aug₹309 Cr.₹94 to ₹99
Aeroflex Industries22-24 Aug₹351 Cr.₹102 to ₹108
Pyramid Technoplast18-22 Aug₹153 Cr.₹151 to ₹166
TVS Supply Chain Solutions10-14 Aug₹880 Cr.₹187 – ₹197
Concord Biotech4-8 Aug₹1501 Cr.₹705 – ₹741
SBFC Finance3-7 Aug₹1025 Cr.₹54 – ₹57
Yatharth Hospital26-28 Jul₹687 Cr.₹250 – ₹300
Netweb Technologies17-19 Jul₹631 Cr.₹475 – ₹500
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank12-14 Jul₹500 Cr.₹23 – ₹25
Senco Gold4-6 Jul₹405 Cr.₹301 – ₹317
Cyient DLM27-30 Jun₹592 Cr.₹250 – ₹265
IdeaForge26-30 Jun₹567 Cr.₹638 – ₹672
HMA Agro20-23 Jun₹480 Cr.₹555 – ₹585
IKIO Lighting6-8 Jun₹607 Cr.₹270 – ₹285
Nexus Select Trust9-11 May₹3200 Cr.₹95 to ₹100
Mankind Pharma25-27 Apr₹4326 Cr.₹1026 to ₹1080
Avalon Technologies3-6 Apr₹865 Cr.₹415 to ₹436
Udayshivakumar Infra20-23 Mar₹66 Cr.₹33 to ₹35
Global Surfaces13-15 Mar₹155 Cr.₹133 to ₹140
Divgi TorqTransfer Systems1-3 Mar₹412 Cr.₹560 to ₹590
Sah Polymers30-4 Jan₹66.30 Cr.₹61 to ₹65
Radiant Cash Management23-27 Dec₹387 Cr.₹94 to ₹99
Elin Electronics20-22 Dec₹475 Cr.₹234 to ₹247
KFin Technologies19-21 Dec₹1500 Cr.₹347 to ₹366
Abans Holdings12-15 Dec₹346 Cr.₹256 to ₹270
Landmark Cars13-15 Dec₹552 Cr.₹481 to ₹506
Sula Vineyards12-14 Dec₹960 Cr.₹340 to ₹357
Uniparts India30-2 Dec₹835 Cr.₹548 to ₹577
Dharmaj Crop Guard28-30 Nov₹251 Cr.₹216 to ₹237
Keystone Realtors14-16 Nov₹635 Cr.₹514 to ₹541
Inox Green Energy11-15 Nov₹740 Cr.₹61 to ₹65
Kaynes Technology10-14 Nov₹857 Cr.₹559 to ₹587
Five Star Business Finance9-11 Nov₹1960 Cr.₹450 to ₹474
Archean Chemical9-11 Nov₹1,462 Cr.₹386 to ₹407
Global Health3-7 Nov₹2206 Cr.₹319 to ₹336
Bikaji Foods3-7 Nov₹881 Cr.₹285 to ₹300
DCX Systems31-2 Nov₹500 Cr.₹197 to ₹207
Tracxn10-12 Oct₹309 Cr.₹75 to ₹80
Electronics Mart4-7 Oct₹500 Cr.₹56 to ₹59
Harsha Engineers14-16 Sep₹755 Cr.₹314 to ₹330
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank5-7 Sep₹831 Cr.₹500 to ₹525
Dreamfolks Services24-26 Aug₹562 Cr.₹308 to ₹326
Syrma SGS Technology12-18 Aug₹840 Cr.₹209 to ₹220
Aether Industries24-26 May₹808 Cr.₹610 to ₹642
eMudhra20-24 May₹412 Cr.₹243 to ₹256
Ethos IPO18-20 May₹472 Cr.₹836 to ₹878
Paradeep Phosphates17-19 May₹1501 Cr.₹39 to ₹42
Delhivery IPO11-13 May₹5235 Cr.₹462 to ₹487
Venus Pipes11-13 May₹165 Cr.₹310 to ₹326
Prudent Corporate10-12 May₹538 Cr.₹595 to ₹630
LIC IPO04-09 May₹21008 Cr.₹902 to ₹949
Rainbow Hospital27-29 Apr₹1580 Cr.₹516 to ₹542
Campus Activewear26-28 Apr₹1400 Cr.₹278 to ₹292
Hariom Pipe30-05 Apr₹130 Cr.₹144 to ₹153
Veranda Learning29-31 Mar₹200 Cr.₹130 to ₹137
Ruchi Soya24-28 Mar₹4300 Cr.₹615 to ₹650
Uma Exports28-30 Mar₹60 Cr.₹65 to ₹68
Vedant Fashions04-08 Feb₹3149 Cr.₹824 to ₹866
Adani Wilmar27-31 Jan₹3600 Cr.₹218 to ₹230
AGS Transact19-21 Jan₹680 Cr.₹166 to ₹175

Listed IPOs in 2021

IPO NameDatesSizePrice
CMS Info Systems21-23 Dec₹1100 Cr.₹205 to ₹216
Supriya Lifescience16-20 Dec₹700 Cr.₹265 to ₹274
HP Adhesives15-17 Dec₹126 Cr.₹262 to ₹274
Data Patterns10-14 Dec₹588 Cr.₹555 to ₹585
Medplus09-13 Dec₹1398 Cr.₹780 to ₹796
Metro Brands10-14 Dec₹1367 Cr.₹485 to ₹500
MapmyIndia09-13 Dec₹1039 Cr.₹1000 to ₹1033
Shriram Properties08-10 Dec₹600 Cr.₹113 to ₹118
RateGain07-09 Dec₹1335 Cr.₹405 to ₹425
Anand Rathi Wealth02-06 Dec₹660 Cr.₹530 to ₹550
Tega Industries01-03 Dec₹619 Cr.₹443 to ₹453
Star Health30-02 Dec₹7249 Cr.₹870 to ₹900
Go Fashion17-22 Nov₹1014 Cr.₹655 to ₹690
Tarsons Products15-17 Nov₹1024 Cr.₹635 to ₹662
Latent View Analytics10-12 Nov₹600 Cr.₹190 to ₹197
PayTM08-10 Nov₹18300 Cr.₹2080 to ₹2150
Sapphire Foods09-11 Nov₹2073 Cr.₹1120 to ₹1180
SJS Enterprises01-03 Nov₹800 Cr.₹531 to ₹542
Sigachi Industries01-03 Nov₹125 Cr.₹161 to ₹163
Policybazaar01-03 Nov₹6017 Cr.₹940 to ₹980
Fino Payments Bank29-02 Nov₹1200 Cr.₹560 to ₹577
FSN E-Comm – Nykaa28-01 Oct₹5352 Cr.₹1085 to ₹1125
Aditya Birla AMC29-01 Oct₹2768 Cr.₹695 to ₹712
Paras Defence21-23 Sept₹171 Cr.₹165 – ₹175
Sansera Engineering14-16 Sept₹1283 Cr.₹734 – ₹744
Vijaya Diagnostic01-03 Sept₹1895 Cr.₹522 – ₹531
Ami Organics01-03 Sept₹569 Cr.₹603 – ₹610
Aptus Value Housing10-12 Aug₹2780 Cr.₹346 – ₹353
Chemplast Sanmar10-12 Aug₹3850 Cr.₹530 – ₹541
Nuvoco Vistas09-11 Aug₹5000 Cr.₹560 – ₹570
CarTrade09-11 Aug₹2998 Cr.₹1585 – ₹1618
Windlas Biotech04-06 Aug₹401 Cr.₹448 – ₹460
Devyani International04-06 Aug₹1838 Cr.₹86 – ₹90
Exxaro Tiles04-06 Aug₹161 Cr.₹118 – ₹120
Krsnaa Diagnostics04-06 Aug₹1213 Cr.₹933 – ₹954
Rolex Rings28-30 July₹731 Cr.₹880 – ₹900
Glenmark Life Sciences27-29 July₹1514 Cr.₹695 – ₹720
Tatva Chintan Pharma16-20 July₹450 Cr.₹1073 – ₹1083
Zomato14-16 July₹9375 Cr.₹72 – ₹76
GR Infraprojects07-09 July₹963 Cr.₹828 – ₹837
Clean Science07-09 July₹1546 Cr.₹880 – ₹900
India Pesticides23-25 June₹800 Cr.₹290 – ₹296
Dodla Dairy16-18 June₹520 Cr.₹421-₹428
KIMS Hospital16-18 June₹2144 Cr.₹815-₹825
Shyam Metalics14-16 June₹909 Cr.₹303-₹306
Sona BLW Precision14-16 June₹5550 Cr.₹285-₹291
Lodha Developers07-09 Apr₹2500 Cr.₹483-486
Barbeque Nation24-26 Mar₹452 Cr.₹498-₹500
Suryoday Small Bank17-19 Mar₹582 Cr.₹303-₹305
Kalyan Jewellers16-18 Mar₹1175 Cr.₹86-₹87
Anupam Rasayan12-16 Mar₹760 Cr.₹553-₹555
Laxmi Organic15-17 Mar₹600 Cr.₹129-₹130
Craftsman Automation15-17 Mar₹823 Cr.₹1488-₹1490
Nazara Technologies17-19 Mar₹546 Cr.₹1100-₹1101
Easy Trip Planners08-10 Mar₹510 Cr.₹186-₹187
MTAR Technologies03-05 Mar₹596 Cr.₹574-₹575
Heranba Industries23-25 Feb₹625 Cr.₹626-₹627
Nureca Limited15-17 Feb₹100 Cr.₹396-₹400
Brookfield India REIT03-05 Feb₹3800 Cr.₹274-₹275
Stove Kraft25-28 Jan₹412 Cr.₹384-₹385
Home First Finance21-25 Jan₹1200 Cr.₹517-₹518
Indigo Paints20-22 Jan₹1176 Cr.₹1488-₹1490
RailTel16-18 Feb₹819 Cr.₹93-₹94
IRFC18-20 Jan₹4633 Cr.₹25-₹26
Antony Waste21-23 Dec₹300 Cr.₹313-₹315
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