How to apply IPO online with ASBA through ICICI Bank NetBanking?

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Here we are going to share how to apply IPO online with ASBA through ICICI Bank NetBanking? Follow below steps and apply for IPOs like mainline IPOs, SME ipos or NCDs as well. Its easy for ICICI Bank NetBanking users to apply for ipo through ASBA.

How to Apply IPO with ASBA through ICICI Bank?
  1. Login to ICICI Bank NetBanking –
  2. Click on Investments & Insurance
  3. Click on Invest Online
  4. Go to IPO & Click on Invest in IPO
  5. Select Your Account Number
  6. Confirm your personal details and Authorize
  7. Select IPO and Click Go
  8. Enter Details in the Form like DP ID, BID, Name, Pan Card and more
  9. Verify & Confirm Your Order
Its Done. Its easy and Simple but you need funds in your ICICI Bank account so that it can be blocked when you apply for the ipo through ICICI NetBanking. Once you apply amount will be blocked and it can be used after the unblocking funds if you do not get the ipo allotment. If you get the allotment the shares of the company will be credited to your Demat Account.

Select Investments & Insurance:
 Online IPO & Invest in IPO:

Select Account Number:

Authorize Details:

Confirm Your Details:
 Select IPO & Click Go:
 Add Details & Apply:

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