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Upcoming SME IPO 2023 (BSE SME, NSE Emerge) March 2023

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What is SME IPO? The full form of SME IPO is the small and medium enterprise initial public offering. A private company that falls under small and medium enterprises goes for fundraising via public issues. The SME gets listed at BSE SME or NSE Emerge Platforms. The SME IPO platform provides small and medium-sized companies to list on the indices. For an SME IPO, the rules are (i) post-issue paid-up capital should be less than Rs. 25 crores and (ii) minimum post-issue capital of Rs 1 crore.

The SME IPO investors can apply for the Upcoming IPO in India by ASBA or UPI-based IPO Applications or by submitting forms to brokers or banks. Here is the list of SME IPOs in 2023. The list includes the past SME IPO and the Upcoming SME IPO in 2023. Click on the SME IPO name for detailed information that includes review, analysis, allotment status, bidding information, market lot, and grey market of the SME IPO.

Upcoming SME IPO in March 2023 (BSE SME & NSE Emerge)

Here is the list of SME IPOs opens now in March 2023. Stay tuned for the latest SME IPO list and stay invested in the SME IPO market.

SME IPO ListDatesPricePlatform
Infinium Pharmachem31-5 Apr 2023₹135NSE SME
Maiden Forgings20-22 Mar 2023₹63BSE SME
Command Polymers17-21 Mar 2023₹28BSE SME
Dev Labtech Venture17-21 Mar 2023₹51BSE SME
Nirman Agri Genetics15-20 Mar 2023₹99NSE SME
Bright Outdoor Media14-17 Mar 2023₹146BSE SME
Quality Foils14-16 Mar 2023₹60NSE SME
Labelkraft Technologies13-15 Mar 2023₹55BSE SME
VELS Film10-14 Mar 2023₹99NSE SME
Sudarshan Pharma9-14 Mar 2023₹73BSE SME
Prospect Commodities8-13 Mar 2023₹61BSE SME
MCON Rasayan6-10 Mar 2023₹40NSE SME
Vertexplus Technologies2-6 Mar 2023₹96NSE SME
Systango Technologies2-6 Mar 2023₹90NSE SME
ITCONS E-Solutions28-2 Mar 2023₹51BSE SME
ResGen28-2 Mar 2023₹47BSE SME
Amanaya Ventures24-28 Feb 2023₹23BSE SME
Srivasavi Adhesive Tapes23-28 Feb 2023₹41NSE SME
SVJ Enterprises23-28 Feb 2023₹36BSE SME
Patron Exim21-24 Feb 2023₹27BSE SME
Sealmatic India17-21 Feb 2023₹225BSE SME
Macfos17-21 Feb 2023₹102BSE SME
Viaz Tyres16-21 Feb 2023₹62NSE SME
Agarwal Float Glass10-15 Feb 2023₹42NSE SME
Lead Rubber9-13 Feb 2023₹25NSE SME
Indong Tea9-13 Feb 2023₹26BSE SME
Shera Energy7-9 Feb 2023₹57NSE SME
EarthStahl Alloys27-31 Jan 2023₹40BSE SME
Gayatri Rubbers25-30 Jan 2023₹30NSE SME
Transvoy Logistics20-24 Jan 2023₹71BSE SME
Dharni Capital18-20 Jan 2023₹20BSE SME
Aristo Bio-Tech16-19 Jan 2023₹72NSE SME
Ducol Organics9-11 Jan 2023₹78NSE SME
Eastern Logica Infoway5-9 Jan 2023₹225BSE SME
Chaman Metallics4-6 Jan 2023₹38NSE SME
Rex Sealing30-4 Jan 2023₹135BSE SME
SVS Ventures30-4 Jan 2023₹20BSE SME
Anlon Technology Solutions29-2 Jan 2023₹100NSE SME
RBM Infracon23-27 Dec 2022₹36NSE SME
Homesfy Realty21-23 Dec 2022₹197NSE SME
Moxsh Overseas Educon21-23 Dec 2022₹153NSE SME
Arihant Academy16-21 Dec 2022₹90NSE SME
Uma Converter15-21 Dec 2022₹33NSE SME
Dollex Agrotech15-20 Dec 2022₹35NSE SME
Droneacharya Aerial Innovations13-15 Dec 2022₹54BSE SME
All E Technologies9-13 Dec 2022₹90NSE SME
PNGS Gargi Fashion Jewellery8-13 Dec 2022₹30BSE SME
Arham Technologies5-7 Dec 2022₹43NSE SME
Baheti Recycling Industries28-30 Nov 2022₹45NSE SME
Pritika Engineering25-30 Nov 2022₹29NSE SME
Ambo Agritec21-24 Nov 2022₹30BSE SME
Amiable Logistics2-7 Nov 2022₹81NSE SME
Technopack Polymers2-7 Nov 2022₹55BSE SME
Vital Chemtech31-3 Nov 2022₹101NSE SME
Daps Advertising31-3 Nov 2022₹30BSE SME
Rite Zone Chemcon31-2 Nov 2022₹75NSE SME
Integrated Personnel Services31-2 Nov 2022₹59NSE SME
Phantom Digital Effects12-14 Oct 2022₹95NSE SME
Vedant Asset30-4 Oct 2022₹40BSE SME
Frog Cellsat29-4 Oct 2022₹102NSE SME
Pace E-Commerce Ventures29-13 Oct 2022₹103BSE SME
Swastik Pipe29-3 Oct 2022₹100NSE SME
Cargosol Logistics28-30 Sep 2022₹28BSE SME
Silicon Rental Solutions28-30 Sep 2022₹78BSE SME
Lloyds Luxuries28-30 Sep 2022₹40NSE SME
Indong Tea Company27-30 Sep 2022₹26BSE SME
QMS Medical Allied27-30 Sep 2022₹121NSE SME
Reetech International Cargo27-29 Sep 2022₹105BSE SME
Cargotrans Maritime27-29 Sep 2022₹45BSE SME
Cyber Media Research27-29 Sep 2022₹180NSE SME
Concord Control Systems27-29 Sep 2022₹55BSE SME
Trident Lifeline26-29 Sep 2022₹101BSE SME
Steelman Telecom26-29 Sep 2022₹96BSE SME
Maagh Advertising26-4 Oct 2022₹60BSE SME
Insolation Energy26-29 Sep 2022₹38BSE SME
Mafia Trends22-27 Sep 2022₹28BSE SME
Containe Technologies20-22 Sep 2022₹15BSE SME
Kandarp Digi Mark BPO16-20 Sep 2022₹30NSE SME
Maks Energy16-20 Sep 2022₹20NSE SME
Varanium Cloud16-20 Sep 2022₹122NSE SME
Annapurna Swadisht15-19 Sep 2022₹70NSE SME
Tapi Fruit Processing12-14 Sep 2022₹48NSE SME
Ishan International9-14 Sep 2022₹80NSE SME
Sabar Flex India8-13 Sep 2022₹11NSE SME
Shantidoot Infra Services6-9 Sep 2022₹81BSE SME
Infurnia Holdings6-9 Sep 2022₹10BSE SME
Mega Flex Plastics6-9 Sep 2022₹40NSE SME
Viviana Power Tech5-8 Sep 2022₹55NSE SME
Virtuoso Optoelectronics2-7 Sep 2022₹56BSE SME
EP Biocomposites29-5 Sep 2022₹126BSE SME
Kore Mobile26-30 Aug 2022₹36NSE SME
Dipna Pharmachem25-30 Aug 2022₹38BSE SME
Ameya Engineers25-30 Aug 2022₹34NSE SME
JFL Life Sciences25-30 Aug 2022₹61NSE SME
Rhetan TMT22-25 Aug 2022₹70BSE SME
Naturo Indiabull22-24 Aug 2022₹30BSE SME
Olatech Solutions12-19 Aug 2022₹27BSE SME
Veekayem Fashion5-11 Aug 2022₹28NSE SME
Upsurge Seeds of Agriculture29-2 Aug 2022₹120NSE SME
Agni Green Power20-22 Jul 2022₹10NSE SME
Healthy Life Agritec13-18 Jul 2022₹10BSE SME
SKP Bearing30-05 Jul 2022₹70NSE SME
B Right Realestate30-05 Jul 2022₹153BSE SME
Jayant Infratech30-05 Jul 2022₹67BSE SME
Kesar India30-04 Jul 2022₹170BSE SME
Mangalam Worldwide30-04 Jul 2022₹101NSE SME
Veerkrupa Jewellers29-05 Jul 2022₹27BSE SME
Sailani Tours N Travels27-30 Jun 2022₹15BSE SME
KCK Industries27-30 Jun 2022₹30NSE SME
Pearl Green Clubs27-29 Jun 2022₹186BSE SME
Modi’s Navnirman23-28 Jun 2022₹180BSE SME
Goel Food Products15-20 Jun 2022₹72BSE SME
Scarnose International14-17 Jun 2022₹55BSE SME
Silver Pearl Hospitality06-09 Jun 2022₹18BSE SME
Fidel Softech30-02 Jun 2022₹37NSE SME
Globesecure Technologies23-25 May 2022₹29NSE SME
Rachana Infrastructure20-02 Jun 2022₹135NSE SME
Sonu Infratech29-05 May 2022₹36BSE SME
Nanavati Ventures25-27 Apr 2022₹50BSE SME
Fone4 Comm25-27 Apr 2022₹10BSE SME
Le Merite Exports25-28 Apr 2022₹75NSE SME
Global Longlife21-25 Apr 2022₹140BSE SME
Shashwat Furnishing20-25 Apr 2022₹45BSE SME
Eighty Jewellers31-05 Apr 2022₹41BSE SME
Sunrise Efficient30-05 Apr 2022₹121BSE SME
Dhyaani Tile30-04 Apr 2022₹51BSE SME
Jeena Sikho30-07 Apr 2022₹150NSE SME
Krishna Defense25-29 Mar 2022₹37-39NSE SME
PE Analytics22-25 Mar 2022₹114NSE SME
Empyrean Cashews21-23 Mar 2022₹37NSE SME
Achyut Healthcare17-22 Mar 2022₹20BSE SME
Evoq Remedies17-22 Mar 2022₹27BSE SME
Swaraj Suiting15-17 Mar 2022₹56NSE SME
Bhatia Colour Chem14-16 Mar 2022₹80BSE SME
KN Agri15-17 Mar 2022₹71-75NSE SME
Cool Caps10-15 Mar 2022₹36-38NSE SME
SP Refactories09-11 Mar 2022₹90NSE SME
Shigan Quantum28-03 Mar 2022₹50NSE SME
Ekennis Software21-24 Feb 2022₹72BSE SME
Madhavbaug10-15 Feb 2022₹73NSE SME
Richa Info Systems09-11 Feb 2022₹125NSE SME
Maruti Interior03-08 Feb 2022₹55BSE SME
Quality RO27-01 Feb 2022₹51BSE SME
Safa Systems28-01 Feb 2022₹10BSE SME
Precision Metaliks19-24 Jan 2022₹51NSE SME
Alkosign18-21 Jan 2022₹45BSE SME
DJ Mediaprint18-20 Jan 2022₹125BSE SME
Fabino Life Sciences31-05 Jan 2022₹36BSE SME
Timescan Logistics31-04 Jan 2022₹26BSE SME
Ascensive Educare30-04 Jan 2022₹35NSE SME
AB Cotspin30-03 Jan 2022₹35NSE SME


What is SME IPO?

A private company that falls under small and medium enterprises goes for the fundraising via public issue. The SME gets listed at BSE SME or NSE Emerge Platforms.

Is SME IPO a good investment?

As per the fundamentals of the company SME IPO might be a good investment but as per the records only few SME IPO are trading above the IPO price. Before applying SME IPO check the detailed information on IPOWatch.

What is difference between main-board IPO and SME IPO?

SME IPO is stands for small and medium enterprises. The IPO size is very small compare to the main-board IPO. The main-board IPO list on NSE and BSE platforms while SME IPO list on either BSE SME or NSE Emerge platform.

Can SME go for IPO?

Yes, As per the rules the SME go for the IPO but they need to pass the eligibility crieteria.

What is the criteria for SME listing?

As per the rules, the company should have a track record of atleast 3 years and more. They should have positive cash accruals from operations for atleast 3 years. The net-worth should be positive.

Can we apply SME IPO?

Yes, The investors can apply the SME IPO as per the categories finalization. The SME IPO offer their shares to NII and Retail investors (sometimes QIB) so select your category as apply SME IPO via ASBA or UPI-based application. You can apply SME IPO by submitting forms to your banks or brokers as well.

How do I sell an SME IPO on a listing day?

If you are using the online trading just go to the trading app or broker website, login to your demat or trading account and then sell the SME IPO that you allotted. For offline trading call your broker to sell from your demat account. It’s Simple!

How to Subscribe to SME IPO?

You can apply for a SME IPO in 3 different methods.
  • UPI – Online: Go to your Demat Account App like Zerodha, Upstox, PaytmMoney or others and then Select the IPO and Apply for the IPO with your UPI ID. You will get the mendate approval in your bank or Google Pay account. You need to approve the mendate to submit your application.
  • ASBA – Online: You need to login to your bank account to apply for the IPO via ASBA. Fill the details like Demat Account Number, PAN Number, Bidding Details and submit.
  • Broker – Offline: To apply an SME IPO, you can contact your broker to fill the form and submit.

Note for the Investors:

  • The upcoming SME IPO Calendar is based on the news we get from the internet so dates might vary sometimes.
  • We are giving just information about upcoming SME IPOs with details. We do not trade or offer any grey market premium or Kostak rates for any SME IPO.
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