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Check out LIC IPO GMP aka IPO Grey Market Premium, Kostak rates, and Subject to Sauda rates as of today. LIC IPO GMP looking weak as the market is not stable. The IPO GMP rates went down from 85 to 30 level today. Stay tuned for the latest IPO GMP numbers of LIC IPO.

LIC IPO is to hit the market on May 04, 2022, as per the RHP filed by LIC on April 26, 2022. The company to raise ₹21,008 crores via IPO that comprises ₹- crores of fresh issue and the OFS of 221,374,920 Equity Shares. LIC is the biggest IPO and leading Insurance company in India. The government is going to sell its 3.5% stake via LIC IPO. The company reported a revenue of ₹2986 crores in 2021 against the revenues of ₹2731 crores in 2020. The IPO price band is fixed at ₹902 to ₹949 Per Equity Share. The LIC IPO to list on NSE and BSE.


    What is LIC IPO GMP Today?

    • The LIC IPO GMP aka grey market premium is +-12.

    What is LIC IPO Kostak Rates Today?

    • The LIC IPO kostak rate is ₹-.

    What is LIC IPO Subject to Sauda Price Today?

    • The LIC IPO subject to sauda rates is ₹-.

    LIC IPO Expected Returns?

    • The LIC expected return is -%.

    LIC IPO GMP Live Rates day by day with Kotak rates.

    KostakSubject to
    17 May+-₹12₹-₹-
    16 May+-₹12₹-₹-
    13 May+-₹10₹-₹-
    12 May+-₹10₹-₹-
    11 May+-₹10₹-₹-
    10 May₹30₹-₹-
    09 May₹40₹800₹2000
    07 May₹60₹900₹2000
    06 May₹50₹1000₹1500
    05 May₹65₹1000₹1500
    04 May₹65₹1500₹2000
    03 May₹85₹1500₹2000
    02 May₹85₹1500₹2000
    30 April₹90₹1500₹2000
    29 April₹75₹1000₹1500
    28 April₹45₹800₹1100
    27 April₹25₹500₹1000
    26 April₹25₹400₹-
    25 April₹15₹-₹-
    23 April₹15₹-₹-
    21 April₹-₹-₹-
    20 April₹-₹-₹-
    19 April₹-₹-₹-
    18 April₹-₹-₹-
    15 April₹-₹-₹-
    14 April₹-₹-₹-
    13 April₹-₹-₹-
    12 April₹-₹-₹-
    29 March(-₹35)₹-₹-
    28 March(-₹35)₹-₹-
    25 March(-₹55)₹-₹-
    24 March(-₹55)₹-₹-
    23 March(-₹55)₹-₹-
    22 March(-₹55)₹-₹-
    21 March(-₹55)₹-₹-

    LIC IPO Date & Price Band (Final)

     IPO Open: 04 May 2022
     IPO Close: 09 May 2022
     IPO Size: Approx ₹21,008 Crores
     Fresh Issue: Approx – Crores
     Offer for Sale: Approx 221,374,920 Equity Shares
     Face Value: ₹10 Per Equity Share
     Price Band: ₹902 to ₹949 Per Share
     Listing on: BSE & NSE
     Retail Quota: 35%
     QIB Quota: 50%
     NII Quota: 15%
     Discount: ₹60 for Policy Holders
     ₹45 for Retail & Employees
     DRHP Draft Prospectus: Click Here
     RHP Draft Prospectus: Click Here

    LIC IPO Market Lot Size

    The LIC IPO minimum market lot is 15 shares with ₹14,235 application amount. The retail investors can apply up to 14 lots with 210 shares or ₹187,200 amount.

     Minimum Lot Size: Minimum 15 Shares for 1 lot
     Minimum Amount: ₹14,235 for 1 lot
     Maximum Lot Size: Maximum 210 Shares for 14 lot
     Maximum Amount: ₹199,290 for 14 lot

    LIC IPO Application for Policyholders

     Minimum Lot Size: Minimum 15 Shares for 1 lot
     Minimum Amount: ₹13,335 for 1 lot
     Maximum Lot Size: Maximum 210 Shares for 14 lot
     Maximum Amount: ₹186,690 for 14 lot

    LIC IPO Application for Retail & Employees

     Minimum Lot Size: Minimum 15 Shares for 1 lot
     Minimum Amount: ₹13,560 for 1 lot
     Maximum Lot Size: Maximum 210 Shares for 14 lot
     Maximum Amount: ₹189,840 for 14 lot

    LIC IPO Allotment & Listing Dates

    The LIC IPO date is 04 May 2022 and the close date is 09 May 2022. The LIC IPO allotment will be finalized on 12 May 2022 and the IPO listing on 17 May 2022.

     Price Band Announcement: 27 April 2022
     Anchor Investors Allotment: 02 May 2022
     IPO Open Date: 04 May 2022
     IPO Close Date: 09 May 2022
     Basis of Allotment: 12 May 2022
     Refunds: 13 May 2022
     Credit to Demat Account: 16 May 2022
     IPO Listing Date: 17 May 2022

    LIC IPO GMP aka Grey Market Premium FAQs:

    What is LIC IPO GMP Today?

    LIC IPO GMP is +-12 as of today.

    What is LIC IPO Kostak Rate Today?

    LIC IPO Kostak Rate is ₹- as of today.

    What is LIC IPO Subject to Sauda Today?

    LIC IPO Subject to Sauda is ₹- as of today.

    What is LIC IPO Expected Returns?

    LIC IPO Expected Returns is -%.


    •  IPO Grey Market Premium (LIC IPO GMP) mention is valid for the specific date as mentioned in the header.
    •  We are not buying and selling IPO forms on IPO Grey Market.
    •  Kostak Rate is the premium one gets by selling his/her IPO application (in an off-market transaction) to someone else even before allotment or listing of the issue.
    • Do not subscribe for IPO by just seeing the premium Price as it may change anytime before listing. Subscribe only considering the Fundamentals of the companies.

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