Laurus Labs Debuts at 14% Premium

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After Sheela Foam, Laurus Labs also listed on premium. It listed at Rs.490 on stock exchanges against issue price of Rs.428. It was another good one for retailers.

Laurus Labs was subscribed 4.53 times overall while 1.58 times in retail. Retailers had faith in this stock and it paid off. Laurus listing was good even it closed around 480 rs as well. So the main thing for IPO market is that last 2 IPOs perform well.

The money of investors get good paid off and it might give more chance for next IPOs like Prataap Snacks and CL Educate in getting more subscription. The things are looking good for primary market after 15% listing of Sheela Foam and Laurus Labs.

Still Indian stock market is not in a mood to go green but as the current market situation we can no expect more fireworks but the good things are on the cards. Let’s look at the upcoming year 2017 and upcoming ipos. Subscribe and stay invested in IPOs in upcoming year.

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