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By Major Ajay
As per financial astrology 18th week of year 2008 represents Mars. Mars is very famous to bring highest volatility, profit booking in Oil and Metals in world future market.

During this week Sun with Venus, Jupiter in his own sign, Mars with Ketu in ” KARAK ” Rashi .. All these combinations and conjunctions may show highest volatility in world stock market. Volatility may start from US stock market followed by European and Asian stock market.

As per stars this week world stock market may show positive movement in US, Europe, Asian stock market at the beginning of the week. But any time big profit booking is expected during week. My sincere advise to all investors either hedge your long positions or book profit during day.

As per stars any time bears may take over command of Indian stock market. Our advance predictions about Indian stock market and commodities made previous week at this web site proved 100% correctct. Nifty levels also gone 100 % correct. All recommended stocks were among top gainers of previous week, Nifty Resistance levels 5200 also gone correct.

Advance predictions about downward movement of crude oil also gone correct Crude oil has seen vertical fall in World future market Crude oil come down from US$ 120 to US$ 110 this was biggest weekly downward corrections in last one year. Hope all our readers must have enjoyed our unique system of advance predictions.

Stock Market: As per astro-technical calculations this week is expected to open with volatile but positive movement. in world and Indian stock markets. This positive movement may be seen in European and US stock market also. Banking, power, heavy engineering, oil and gas, telecommunications, pharma, infrastructure, real state sector are looking attractive for day trading for short term. No big Investment buying is advised. As per astro-technical Indian and world stock market may see some volatility in middle of the week due to influence of planets.

Therefore, timely profit booking is always advisable at every higher levels. It is our earnest suggestions that no big fresh investment buying in Indian stock market. As per stars any time big political confusions, misunderstanding may develop among political parties in India.

Important sector watch: Oil marketing companies, sugar, software
Important stock watch: Bajaj Hindustan, HPCL, IOC, TCS may be kept under observations

Nifty Level

Nifty Resistance levels (1) 5310 (2) 5350 (3)5388

Nifty support levels: (1) 5250(2) 5180 (3) 5150

Investors may trade in Nifty according to these levels


Crude Oil: As per stars crude oil is expected to show volatility trend this week. Crude oil resistance levels US$ 121 per barrel and support levels USD 115 or 110 per barrel in world future market. Crude oil is at very crucial stage of trading ,vertical fall in crude oil is expected during this week. As per financial astrology, honeymoon of Crude oil bulls seems to be over. Anytime vertical fall in crude oil may be seen in world future market. This will be great relief to US and Indian economy.

Bullion: As per financial astrology gold and silver may show volatile movement in world spot and future trading. Silver may show strong upward movement on 08th May 2008. My choice will be silver as compare to Gold. Go as per personal horoscope in big future trading in bullions. Sugar is also looking strong. Investors may be careful in Soya in world future market.

Profit or Loss for You

This week may bring fortunes for MITHUN Rashi

Lt Col Ajay is a leading astro-finance consultant and CEO Of


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