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At first glance, the stock markets can appear fairly daunting, especially to those not well versed with all that they entail. Having access to reliable resources that can help one learn about the markets is important. This is where Angel One’s offerings come into play. The digital broking house offers educational material relating to the markets that are available under its Knowledge Center. The knowledge imparted here has been broken down into content that is easy to comprehend by all learners, regardless of whether they are beginners or more experienced traders and investors. That’s not all that Angel One offers though, smart recommendations from ARQ Prime1 are particularly valuable to beginners owing to which they have been discussed below.

ARQ Prime is Angel One’s rule-based investment engine that recommends stocks that you can invest in keeping in mind a set of rules. These recommendations are provided using time-tested and proven rules that have been back-tested intensively such that an optimum portfolio can be created. It is these very features that help ARQ Prime stand out. 

ARQ Prime operates by scanning through stocks available in the market in order to recommend value stocks, growth stocks, high momentum stocks, and quality stocks. It operates with the aid of rules that have shown their merit over time and proved themselves when it comes to being used to invest in stocks. This means that recommendations generated don’t have a human bias.

Subscribing to ARQ prime brings with it several advantages. It helps bring in maximum returns and helps minimize risks by cutting losses early on. Further, it is possible for you to see returns that you have generated from the time you subscribed to the platform. Worth noting here is the fact that ARQ Prime can be tried out using a free trial. ARQ Prime provides notifications for entry and exits into stocks through various channels including push notifications and SMS.

As an investor, another resource you should consider taking advantage of are the research reports prepared by the Angel One team. These reports allow you to make informed decisions regarding your investments. Made available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, these reports are event-based and have been prepared using fundamental research. By reading these reports, you can take into account the short-term recommendations laid out while being aware of the key price drivers as well as the market dynamics.

Angel One boasts several offerings and if you feel that you could benefit from these insights and education content, head on over to the Angel One website to begin your investing journey.

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