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#A Brief Overview

Those seeking to invest in the stock market may not always know how to proceed. This is because there are in fact several offerings in the market today and it is possible to get overwhelmed. Moreover, acquiring the skills needed to invest wisely is harder than it might appear. While the internet features tons of information that targets investors and traders alike, it is important to ensure that information one reads, and studies is accurate and not false. Falling prey to scams owing to faulty information is a possibility if one does not study the markets via accurate sources.

    At Angel One, however, investors are given the tools needed to navigate the markets with accuracy. Listed below are some of the props available at Angle One and via which it is possible for investors new to the markets to traverse the same with ease. 

    Knowledge Centre

    Here, beginners new to investing can acquire the knowledge needed to generate viable returns on their investments. The information imparted focuses on stock trading and investments. The knowledge bank featured here is split into varied modules that seek to explain a number of related investment concepts, strategies, practices and terms. Popular modules pertain to the following themes.

    • Understanding the workings of a Demat account
    • Understanding the workings of a trading account
    • Learning how share trading takes place
    • Understanding all that intraday trading entails
    • Navigating the share market
    • Initial public offerings and what they imply
    • Learning the importance of derivatives
    • Research articles geared towards increasing investor knowledge
    • Comprehending commodities trading

    Smart Money

    This resource brought forth by Angel One allows investors to gain access to a comprehensive guide on financial markets. Regardless of one’s understanding of the same, structured lessons provided are aimed to help grow an individual’s wealth.

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    Modules are split in accordance with target audiences that range from beginners to traders and investors. Here, it is possible for learners to personalize their learning experience in accordance to whether they have a long-term vision for their investments or are reliant on technical analysis or else have just begun their stock markets journey.

    Smart Buzz

    Critical to being able to navigate the markets with ease and make wise investment decisions is the ability to be well versed with the current state of the economy and markets. With Angel One’s Smart Buzz offering this is most definitely a possibility. While there are several channels via which news is imparted today, it can be overwhelming as there is often a lot to take in. With Smart Buzz, however, your news feed is decluttered while featuring all that is pertinent to you and your investments. Custom watchlists allow users to keep track of their favourite companies. Additional offerings include the ability to check the performance of companies, track stocks and have information imparted in under 60 seconds. The relevance of this lies in the fact that our days are often peppered with tons of additional work – especially if the stock markets are a passive means of earning an income. By consuming concise news briefs, users are able to better retain information shared as their concentration levels are likely to be higher. The fact that this information is conveyed in several regional languages in addition to English adds to its appeal.

    Wrapping Up

    Investors new to the markets must not get intimidated by all that is available out there. At Angel One, investors are provided with the resources needed to allow for easy investing. The knowledge imparted is free as well and available in the form of podcasts, webinars and text such that users can select a means that is most conducive to their learning.

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