Companies Unlisted Shares / Pre IPO Shares Price List

Welcome to the page of Companies Unlisted Shares and Pre-IPO Shares where we are going to show you the companies latest price. The unlisted companies means the companies that are not listed on the BSE or NSE platforms. They never came with an IPO or they might coming in coming weeks, months or years. Based on the fundamentals and the financials the companies unlisted share price comes up. The price of unlisted shares or pre-IPO shares might not be the same when the company come up with an IPO but we can expect a price near to the unlisted price. There are few companies that are buying and selling the pre-IPO shares or unlisted shares but that might be risky. One can buy a good companies pre-IPO stocks but you can not trade it on NSE or BSE.

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List of Unlisted Shares / Pre-IPO Shares with Price

Unlisted Companies SharesUnlisted Price
NSE India₹1900-2000
Reliance Retail₹2000-2050
HDB Financial₹925-935
Studd Accessories₹1500-1550
HDFC Securities₹11000-11500
Tata Technologies₹1900-2000
Utkarsh Microfinance₹195-200
Kurlon Enterprise₹700-725
SBI Home Finance₹48-55
Lava International₹325-350
Merino Industries₹2700-2800
Metropolican Stock Exchange₹1.00-1.10
Bharat Hotels₹185-195
Chennai Super Kings₹68-74
Fino Polytech Bank₹115-119
Utkarsh CoreInvest₹187-195
Hero Fincorp₹1000-1025

Unlisted Shares / Pre-IPO Shares FAQs:

What is Unlisted Companies?

The companies whose shares are not trading on NSE or BSE or the companies that are not came up with an IPO are the unlisted companies.

What is Unlisted Shares?

The companies that are not listed on NSE and BSE and that is the reason the shares are not tradeble on the bources we can say they unlisted shares.

What is are the Pre IPO Shares?

The companies who filed DRHP with SEBI and might come up with an Upcoming IPO in coming months or years are the Pre-IPO shares.

How to Know the Share Price of Unlisted Company?

There are few companies who are selling and buying unlisted companies shares where you can get the estimated price of that unlisted company. The unlisted companies shares price is based on their current fundamentals and the financial results.

How to buy Unlisted IPO Shares?

There are traders who buy and sell unlisted company shares from them one can buy and sell.

How to trade Pre-IPO shares?

One can trade pre-IPO shares within the traders or buyer and sellers. That pre-IPO shares should not be traded on BSE or NSE.

Which are the Best Unlisted Companies?

As per the current scenario Reliance Retail, HDB Financial, Hero Motocorp, Tata Technologies and HDFC Securities are the best Pre-IPO stocks.
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