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Coal India allotment is out and full application of 1 lakh got 199 to 200 shares each. Diwali is ahead and Coal India can create a big impact on investors as well by making strong debut in stock market. As the Coal India Listing will be on 4th November 2010, Thursday, everybody is expecting good return from Coal India. As the situation today is that Coal India grey market premium is around 35-40 rs per share and its good enough for the retail investors as well. So, we can expect Coal India Listing around 265 – 275 Rs. There are other speculations are that it may touch 300+ on listing day. Retail investors have to take decision on the listing day whether they are looking for the short term view or long term view. Long term will be good always in good companies like Coal India. So, lets hope for the best listing of Coal India.

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