BSE Certificate Program on Currency Markets

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The foreign exchange and money markets are worth trillions and is the pivot of the financial markets, providing funding, investment opportunities and the conduit between all other financial markets. In recent years, the importance of the money markets has become even greater as financial institutions focus more closely on the management and diversification of their sources of liquidity, apply greater discipline to their funding and examine the attractions of short-term investment and trading strategies.
This program is brought to you by the BSE Training Institute in collaboration with United Stock Exchange of India, India’s leading currency exchange.
This program provides a firm grounding in the instruments and activities of the international money and FX markets, sweeping away the confusion that can be created by the scale, speed and apparent diversity of the markets.
The program focuses on the current profile of the markets and offers up-to-date insights. It also emphasizes the integrated nature of the market – in particular, the opportunities this provides for arbitrage and hedging. It also analyses the liquidity characteristics and risks of different instruments and funding strategies.
At the end of this program, participants will receive a certificate titled “BSE Certificate Program on Currency Markets.”
Source: BSE India
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