BSE – Bombay Stock Exchange launches Indian Corporate Debt Market

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Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram, while presenting the Union Budget for 2006-07, had envisioned the creation of a single, unified exchange-traded market for corporate bonds in India. Pursuant to the recommendations of its internal committee, SEBI issued a circular on December 12, 2006, entrusting to the Bombay Stock Exchange the task of rolling out a Unified Reporting platform for all corporate bonds traded in India. Bombay Stock Exchange Limited has on Tuesday, the first trading day of the year 2007, successfully launched a single exchange-traded market for corporate bonds in India christened the ICDM or Indian Corporate Debt Market.

BSE provides unrestricted and open access to the reporting platform with no cost implications for the reporting entities. The platform is accessible to BSE trading members through the wide network of Ethernet connections, leased lines and VSATs in over 420 cities and towns of India. In order to provide unrestricted and open access to the reporting platform with zero cost for the other reporting entities such as Primary Dealers, Financial Institutions, Mutual Funds, Banks, etc., BSE has rolled out an Internet based system for reporting the deals.

To make the framework inclusive, BSE has also tied up with two leading data dissemination agencies of international repute having a wide footprint in India covering most of the primary dealers and other participants in the debt market for reporting of trades through their systems / networks, the details of which would be announced shortly. The data relating to the trades reported has been disseminated in the public domain through BSE’s website <> under the head ‘Debt’. Today, the platform has seen the reporting of 31 deals worth an aggregate value of Rs. 2.1bn . BSE has undertaken a comprehensive contact program with the market participants to achieve higher levels of reporting and compliance in order to bring in increased transparency in the debt market in India.

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