BSE 500 Top Gainers – Top 10 Stocks Gave Over 100% Return in 2018

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Its been a year to remember for the investors as there were roller coaster ride to have. Few liked and few not but still there are few events which created the mess in the Indian stock market and few stocks plunged and few rise. We are here to talk about the stocks which rise even though the market was not in support. Here we are talking about just BSE 500 stocks which gave handsome returns in 2018.

Have you heard about Merke Ltd.? It was one of the stock which rise around 136% from 2017 to 2018. It was one of the best performance from the stock in 2018 in BSE 500. When we talk about other stocks  NIIT Tech which also rise 78% in the year. It was trading around 646 in december 2017 which it closes around 1153 in december 2018. Which is a good return for the tech company as the dollar price went up and it might be good business perspective for the NIIT tech as well.

V-Mart retail is one of the stock from BSE 500 which rise around 76% from 1487 to 2617. It was a superb performance by V-Mart retail. It was Dmart IPO which created a boom in the retail market but V-Mart is also one of the retail chain who created a buzz in stock market and got a superb gain in BSE 500 in year 2018.

Checkout the BSE 500 Top 10 stocks who gave handsome returns in 2018.

Dec 2018
Dec 2017
in %
Merck Ltd3049.251288.65136.62%
NIIT Tech1153.55646.3078.49%
V-Mart Retail2617.251487.7575.92%
Indiabulls Integrated387.30226.5570.96%
L&T Technologies1700.601021.3566.51%
Vinati Organics1625.901000.0562.58%
HEG Ltd3691.20
L&T Infotech1728.65
Bata India1138.10
Bajaj Finance2631.65

Even though the market rise and fall the good companies always comes up with good returns and stay invested for the long term which will surely give you a best return in the stock market. Always read news and articles about the companies you invested in which will give you the future planning and the companies detailed information so that you know what to do in such companies.

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