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Sensex May Reach 15800 Mark

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Pt. Raj Kumar Sharma

RK Sharma’s financial predictions for May-June 2009

As I see that Saturn is still in Leo & Jupiter & Rahu in the neech rasi of Saturn. But the combination of Mercury, Sun & Venus is a positive sign. Therefore; I see some growth with volatility in the Inter-National & Asian Market says Raj Kumar Sharma a Mumbai based astro specialist.

1. BSE will touch 15,800 before 10th June.
2. NIFTY will cross 5,000 before 10th June.
3. Gold in Indian Market will come down to 13,750.
4. Silver in Indian Market will come down to 19,850.
5. Oil rate will fluctuate between $ 50 – $ 60 in the International Market.
6. Rupee will be stronger than Dollar & Dollar will fall to Rs.45 before 10th June.
7. Property prices may get stable & will start seeing better days within next three months.
8. Even International Market will have a green signal & will see 5 % – 10 % in next three months.

NOTE: I would request all the Investors to Invest in Market price dated 19th May and book the profits when you see 15 % – 20 % profit in your portfolio. This is the time of recovering whatever losses you have faced, you can recover all your Losses & invest in the market.

Source: Sify.com (Thanks for this nice article – This can be very helpful to investors.)

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