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Angel One – Multiple Needs, One Platform

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A company’s name is capable of giving away a considerable amount of information pertaining to the brand in itself and all that it embodies. Angel Broking has recognized this fact and, in order to better reflect all that it presently embodies and offers its clientele, it has sought to rename itself and now goes by Angel One. This new name is reflective of all that the company offers and no longer lets customers, partners, and prospective clients view it as a broking firm alone. Instead, the name Angel One evokes the bigger picture and allows clients to see the wider financial offerings the company has available. New investors and explorers within the world of finance have emerged and the new Angel One name is meant to resonate with them.


This new group of individuals that seek out financial services belong to the Gen-Z and millennial diaspora and are whom Angel One seeks to serve. To do so, the company’s team has made use of innovative communication and rebranding strategy which has begun its work by altering the company’s logo. Now bearing the word ‘one’ as opposed to ‘broking’ Angel One employs the color orange in addition to royal blue and green. Additionally, wide and narrow type cases have been used to showcase the dynamic persona of the company that is a shout out to younger audiences.


Angel One has gone above and beyond in showcasing its transparency in the services it offers. This attitude is commendable given that it is a company that offers zero brokerage fees. The speed with which one can create an account further adds to their appeal. Their ARQ Prime service which recommends up to 15 stocks worth investing in is able to scan varied stocks ranging from those that are quality or growth stocks to those that are high momentum. Service offerings range from stock advisory to loans against shares among several others. The innovative nature of the company is evident in its Smart Store offerings which include a fintech marketplace for fintech products, a learning center for traders, and a social platform for traders to interact.


Angel One’s use of the word ‘one’ is a strategic move to draw their current and prospective clients attention to their platform which offers a wide range of financial services that are capable of being used by a broad gamut of people who may or may not be financially savvy and may or may not have expert views on trading, loans, insurance and mutual funds to name a few areas of operation. The basic premise that follows is the use of a single platform that offers solutions to a magnitude of financial situations, requirements, and needs.


Critical to their rebranding strategy, Angel One has made use of a number of videos that are presently available on their YouTube channel and are aimed at better communicating with their customers.

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