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As Per Astrology: Gold Will Be Safe Investment in 2009

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Lt. Col. Ajay Jain, Commodity Online

Leave the year 2008 behind and look for the future as the coming year is expected to bring good hopes for Asian market according to Astro economics predictions.

Turn around is expected in both stock and commodity markets. But hold on. The US and European economy may still suffer before it can rebound.

Astro predictions see that all countries located near sea or water may effect badly during first half of the year.

Important planet Saturn will come under retrograded in Leo during first of Jan 2009. Jupiter is also in Capricorn. This is not a good sign of world’s peace which is already simmering in several impending war like situation. Some major geo-political tension is expected especially between January 09 to second week of February 2009.

Take the movement of Saturn. It was in Leo during India’s Independence which saw scores of people being killed in transit. This movement got repeated in 1977 when emergency was clamped.

Here we see it again till first week of September 2009 which gives a jittery fears of an impending dangerous situation in India.

As far as the investments are concerned, this is right time for investment in crude oil for short term trading, since crude oil shot up from US$ 15 to US$ 147 in last five years.

On a long term crude oil is in bearish phase but immediate short term trend in crude oil is bullish.

Gold is supposed be safe investment for the year 2009. As per Astro calculations for this year, China may give big surprise to world in Gold production. Investors may keep an eye on gold with expected 20% to 30% annual return on investment if invested now.

As far as India’s inflation is concerned, expect it to be around or less then 3.5 % within 2 to 4 months time. GDP growth in India is expected to between 7% to 8% during year 2009.

As far as the stock market is concerned, 2009 will have more prominence for sectors like Media, Oil And Gas, Power, Heavy engineering, Infrastructure, fertilizer, telecommunications.

A good number of foreign direct investment arrivals are expected in banking and Insurance, Media and Power sector.

Now coming to currencies, during year 2009-10 there are great chances that Indian and Chinese currencies may turn the tables on major world currencies.

Lt Col Ajay Jain is CEO of www.astromoneyguru.com. The above advance predictions are made base on study of stars, and numerology. Please write to [email protected] with your comments

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